How to get Free Google Cloud Platform Credit.

Curiosity drive us to wonderful places. That is how I got to found about Free Google Cloud Platform Credit. Actually, Google offers $300 free tier for anyone who has Gmail can get it. This article about how you can get extra Free Google Cloud Platform Credit up to $500. It was just another weekend. I was moving to Gitlab after Microsoft acquisition of GitHub (don’t feel much like to the company who once told Linux is cancer 😉 ). Then I started a repository for a side project. On the start page of the repo, I saw below image.

Gitlab empty repo

What took my mind was add a Kubernetes cluster. I had heard this cool container stuff but I didn’t get any chance to try them yet. So I clicked to link 😉 When I clicked it I saw that I was prompted to redeem up to $500 Free Google Cloud Platform Credit (Well Kubernete is a Google cloud Partner, I didn’t know 😀 ).

Interesting 😀 As the world day by day moving to cloud-based solutions I thought getting extra Free Google Cloud Platform Credit would cool thing to know 😉 So I researched about GCP (Google cloud program) credit program. As it seems you can get a different amount of money from different GCP partners.

I found that you can earn GCP credit up to $100,000 if you are Startup. you can apply that through Cloudflare. Cool right? In case you are going to start a startup keep in mind you can always find the link below to apply 😉

Some other Google cloud partners.

I am sure there are more partners that because they have a lengthy list of partners. Check below link 😀 Those are few of them, I got while searching the Internet.

So if you are new to cloud-based services it would be a great start Google cloud as your first adventure also they have a great documentation too.  😀

Good luck fellows 😀

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