How to add Japanese IME to Ubuntu 16.04 (Japanese Anthy)

When you learning Japanese it’s very useful to have Japanese IME to write Japanese Letters on Computer. Today lets see how we can install Japanese IME on Ubuntu 16.04.

First you need to go to Language Support. Easiest way to go there is type Language support on Ubuntu Dash like below. (Dash is Left Up most icon in Ubuntu)

Note: If you get the language support is not installed completely dialog box at this point, press Install to install them now.

On the Language tab of the Language Support screen, press Install / Remove Languages

On the Installed Languages screen, scroll down to Japanese and check Installed, and then press Apply Changes.

The Ubuntu will prompt you to add the Password. Give your password there. After that Ubuntu will download necessary packages for IME. When downloads finished you need to Go back to Language Support. 

There you should give IBus, for Keyboard input method system

By default when you install the japaneese language on Ubuntu 16.04 uses the mozc method. But we need to install Japanese Anthy which is more convenient to use. For that you need run below command in the terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install anthy anthy-common anthy-el libanthy0:amd64 ibus-anthy

Now you need to log out and log in back in Ubuntu. After that click on language button (En) on top right corner.

On the Text Entry screen, click the + icon on the button left of the Input sources to use area.

On the Choose an input source screen, scroll down and select Japanese (Anthy)(IBus).

Press Add. The Japanese Anthy input method will now be available from the language icon in the top panel. Open up any application with a text box such as gedit and place the cursor in the text box. Press the language icon on the tap panel and select Anthy. (Otherwise use short cut buttons in Text Entry dialog.  My are Windows key and Space)

The language icon will now change to the Aち icon.

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