Convert PDF files into Amazon Kindle without a software

I am a fan of Amazon Kindle app. It makes me feels more familiar with books than reading a pdf on a laptop. Today we are going to discuss How to send PDF files to Amazon Kindle device or App and  How to Convert PDF into Kindle format.

How to send PDF files to Amazon Kindle device or App

First of all, let’s discuss how to send a pdf to kindle app.

For this, you need kindle email that reserved for you in the app.

  • First Open your Kindle app.
  • Touch More button in the bottom right corner.
  • You will See Setting button. click on it.

More button view of Amazon Kindle app


  • Then scroll down to “Send to Kindle email Address” section. This email you can use to Send PDF to Your Kindle App.


Settings view of Amazon Kindle App

  • All you have to do is attach a pdf and send to above kindle email address. Go and check All tab in your Library section.

How to Convert PDF to Kindle format.

Well, It’s nice to see pdf in Kindle app. but PDF format does not always look great on Kindle. So We need to convert it to Kindle Format to get better results. Well, it’s pretty easy.

  • You just have to send an email like previous with Subject Convert. Like below.

Send Email to Amazon Kindle Email

Just Like that. You can Convert your PDF to Kindle format. Now check your Kindle App or Device to whether it arrived.

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